Month: July 2017

The following post will revolve around a C++ snippet taken from a book I bought recently – Building Embedded Systems by Changyi Gu. The snippet will generate a cosine lookup table of 2048 items – which could be used to avoid floating point math. Useful for cases where we are very time-constrained when running the program. Author’s first version of building a lookup table contains manually constructing an array of […]

ELF file format icon

ELF stands for Executable and Linkable Format, and even if you’re a programmer it is very possible you’ve never actually heard of it. Files in this format are produced by the compiler and most importantly – they are cross platform. You will find different types of formats produced by compilers on different platforms, but ELF has become the standard for unix-type systems in 1999. Windows uses the PE – Portable […]

let's encrypt

Let’s encrypt is a free CA – certificate authority. To get a certificate from it, you have to demonstrate control over the domain via the ACME protocol. You don’t need to know much about it, because Certbot, an ACME client, will do that for you. Certbot will do some handshake magic with your private key, to prove to Let’s Encrypt, that you really do own the domain. You will however […]