Month: June 2017

If you’re like me, and host a thousand things on a single server, you’ve probably tinkered around with docker and docker-compose. The most appealing side of docker-compose, is that it saves you from configuring your machine in ways not even you will know about anymore tomorrow. So there’s plenty of tutorials on how to deploy wordpress with docker-compose on the internet, and here’s just my take on things I picked […]

The objective of the following configuration is to create a website kiosk on which it would be impossible to quit chromium and it would not use too many resources. Essentially, openbox as a minimal window manager is installed, along with chromium and transformed into a service. It is recommended to start with a clean installation of ubuntu-server/debian-server with no desktop environment. $ sudo apt install –no-install-recommends xorg openbox chromium-browser xserver-xorg-legacy […]

Firstly, what is a Koch snowflake anyway? Let us take a line segment of unit length and call it E(1). If we remove the middle third, replace it with the other two sides of the equilateral triangle based on the removed segment, we get something like _/\_ and call it E(2). Let us now take the straight lines that remain and repeat the process on them. Thus in more mathematical […]